Are you ready to create your best life?

Tending the Fire Within awakens our deepest dreams, ignites our passions, and shows us how to tend our brightest fires.

Tending the Fire Within is a series of workshops that can stand alone or be taken as a complete process. Through Tending the Fire Within, we discover the art of self-mastery, of creating our best life. We become more confident, we communicate better, we sleep better, we build on our successes, we collaborate better, and we find the way to make life work: better.

Tending the Fire Within brings us to:

  • Our hidden sources of creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation
  • Our healthiest and well-loved bodies
  • Our sharpest thinking and utmost capacity for genuine connection to others
  • Our strongest contributions to true community
  • Our innate ability to live a vibrant life and share our unique gifts with the world

Anne O'Connor creates and leads the Tending the Fire Within workshops. Anne offers specific workshops designed to create more connection, more freedom, and more peace.

Welcome to Tending the Fire Within. We're glad you're here and we look forward to hearing from you. Contact Anne today to see what we can accomplish together.

Anne O'Connor's joy for living and her deep experience inspires you to live your greatest life. Call Anne today to see what we can do together. Why not?
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